What's Mayonnaise got to do with it?


I long bought into that theory that in order to succeed and find your happiness, you must know exactly what you want.  Yet conversely, I lived my entire existence in the opposite pattern: Know what you don't want. Never accept what you don't want. And use that knowledge and unshakeable will to figure out what you do want.

I started off like this in the womb. I didn't want anything except pineapples, bananas, and milk (ask my mother. or maybe don't, she still seems bitter about it). It continued postpartum. There's a story of toddler me, physically ripping off a dress I didn't approve of, which had been gifted to me by an Auntie. And for as long as I can remember, I have abhorred mayonnaise with a zealousness that borders lunacy.

I. hate. mayonnaise. And between 2009-2012,  I also hated my job. Almost as much as I hate mayonnaise. In July 2010, I ventured to Spain for vacation, and I liked it, a lot. May of 2011 saw me back in Spain, and for a single day I found myself in the city of Sevilla. In but a brief moment, years of dissatisfaction collided with my instantaneous bliss to provide me with a clarity I had never known, a clear and profound want for my future.
What I wanted was to move to Spain.
What I didn't want was to be miserable any more.

So in September of 2012, I walked out of my job of 4 years for the last time, and 5 days later boarded a plane with my miniature poodle, Kona, 4 suitcases, and my older sister (who came for both moral and suitcase support), and was bound for Murcia, Spain to be an English teacher.

What followed was 2  incredible years, 2 cities I was blessed to called home (Murcia & Madrid), plenty of adventures,  countless encounters with mayonnaise when I least expected it, and the good fortune to have grown boundlessly through all of it. Now, 1 year into my life as an expat come home, I've finally found the voice to share what was, what is, and I what I hope will be as it relates to life--abroad, domestically, everywhere in between, and of course, on a plate.

I'm still not always sure of exactly what I want. But, I take comfort in the fact that knowing just as I unwaveringly refuse to eat mayonnaise, I also refuse to accept what I don't want from life. I'm confident that in knowing what I don't want, I'm more than halfway to finding what I do.

see. love. LIVE.

-Nadette...and her little dog too.